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EP Combo

“Rozwiązanie dla pracowni radiologii zabiegowej, umożliwiające połączenie stacji hemodynamicznej ze stacją elektrofizjologiczną”

The EP Combo system provides a unique, cost-effective, efficient and convenient method for the cardiac catheterization laboratory to provide diagnostic and interventional catheterization procedures. This system is capable of performing such procedures on adult, pediatric, vascular and electrophysiology patients.

Hemodynamic Benefits
The system’s new physiological front end, CFE, presents the latest medical technology in a compact, efficient unit, enabling complete integration of all hemodynamic parameters measured in the Cardiac Cath Lab. The CFE includes 12 lead ECG, respiration, cardiac output, SpO2 with signal extraction technology by Masimo, NIBP using the newest CAS ND technology and four invasive pressure channels.
Doctori feature allows the user to present hemodynamic calculations such as cardiac output curves, valve areas and re-analysis of pressure waveforms on the procedure room waveform monitor.

Speed and Reliability

The Sun designed workstation allows for increased processing speeds, multi-tasking, multi-user functionality, background printing, importing, exporting and an unmatched 36,000 hour MTBF computing system.

Tailored Settings

The EP Combo system allows the user to define specific parameters such as 02 consumption calculation by user-defined BSA  factor and valve area formula calculations. In addition, the system offers both the American (lbs. and in.)   and international (metric) units for height and weight values.


Complete flexibility highlights the features of the EP Combo system with dual  monitor system design, either console or cart mounted. In addition, optional software packages  including Pediatrics and Peripheral capability with a comprehensive set of diagrams are available for each feature set.

Convenient Graphics

The EP Combo system allows graphic charting of vital signs at user defined time intervals for NIBP and Invasive BP, plus heart rate, respiration rate and temperature. This provides an easy and effective view of the patientis vital signs for optimal patient care. The device enables user efined graphic representation of the Stenosis in both the coronary anatomy and peripheral vascular anatomy.