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“System do elektrofizjologii – do 50 wewnątrzsercowych kanałów, 12 odprowadzeniowe EKG, 2 ciśnienia inwazyjne, wbudowany stymulator”

EMS-XL Product Highlights:

  • Unparalleled signal clarity
  • Built-in integrated stimulator
  • User-friendly graphic interface
  • Customized configuration of waveform layout
  • Total full disclosure with archiving ability
  • Full playback capabilities
  • Multiple measuring calipers for real-time and review
  • Interface to multiple RF ablation generators
  • Easily upgradeable software
  • Snapshot included in final report
  • Final report processing
  • Off-line review station (optional)

Mennen Medical’s EMS-XL is excellently designed for the Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiologist. This efficient and convenient solution is fully integrated with a built-in stimulator for complete monitoring, studying & documenting of all types of arrhythmias during electrophysiology procedures. Available in 32 or 64 channel models, EMS-XL is technologically proven with a unique design that offers reliable, state-of-the-art ICECG traces to fulfill the specific requirements of the EP lab.

Upgrade EMS-XL to a Combo System
Mennen’s Combined Horizon XVu and EMS-XL System enables sharing one Cathlab Room for both Hemodynamic and Electrophysiology Procedures.
The system combines all the features of the EMS-XL with all the features available on Mennen Medical’s Hemodynamic system – The Horizon XVu.
The addition of the Horizon XVu enables complete integration of all hemodynamic parameters measured in the Cardiac CathLab. The CFE (Cardiac Front End Unit) includes 12 lead ECG, 4 IBP channels, Respiration, Cardiac Output, SpO2, NIBP and temperature, with optional EtCO2 and FFR features. The in-room personnel have easily accessed controls on the CFE to perform functions without control room assistance (NIBP, zeroing).
The EP Combo system provides a unique, cost-effective, efficient and convenient method for the cardiac catheterization laboratory. This system has a wide range of diagnostic and interventional catheterization capabilities for adult or pediatric patients undergoing hemodynamic, electrophysiology and peripheral vascular procedures.

Built-in Stimulator
Integrated component of the EMS-XL System

  • Basic Rate + 4 Extra
  • Dual stimulator output
  • Programmable pacing protocols
  • Automatic increment and decrement, SNRT Protocol
  • Auto snapshot after stimulation
  • No Additional equipment required
  • Avoids clutter

Makes EP Functional, Clear and Easy
The EMS-XL dual 20″ LCD monitors present supreme, clear and clean traces that facilitate accurate analysis of intracardiac waveforms. The stimulator is fully integrated adding an exceptionally easy functionality to this system.
The technician’s display monitor (right screen) is dedicated to the operation of all the stimulator functions, analysis and review of waveforms using a very friendly GUI. The second monitor (left screen) is dedicated to the real-time waveforms display.
Both monitors can be individually and independently configured to display up to 64 waveforms from a selection of up to 50 ICECG channels via 100 Electrode inputs, 2 IBP’s and 12 surface ECG in either predefined or customized configurations.