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CerebraLogik aEEG

“Dwukanałowe EEG oraz zintegrowane amplitudą aEEG, z interfejsem do monitorów parametrów życiowych pacjenta MennenMedical oraz w systemach do kontrolowanej zewnętrznej hipotermii Criticool PRO”

The CerebraLogik is a two or single channel dierential EEG amplifer that interfaces with VitaLogik & Menntor monitors. It has a clip for attachment to an infant basinet or patient bed. The CerebraLogik interface cable is connected to the UIM input of the VitaLogik & Menntor monitors, and can be activated via the UIM menu. The EEG display shows real time EEG with a 3 hour display of compressed Amplitude Integrated EEG – aEEG, at the speed of 6 cm/hour on a semi logarithmic voltage axis. The EEG and aEEG can be monitored, stored and displayed simultaneously with the other vital signs monitored on the VitaLogik & Menntor.